Learning Support

Students who are identified with learning needs are supported through a variety of ways at Napier Intermediate.

Special Education Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCO)

The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator is responsible for ensuring NIS is able to deliver a range of support and additional learning programmes to meet the needs of individual learners. The SENCo co-ordinates the Teaching Support staff within the school to assist teachers to deliver an inclusive and targeted learning experience for all learners.  Liaison with external agencies, additional support, and support funding applications and transition into and from intermediate are also part of the SENCo role.

Teacher Aides

Teacher aides are used in a variety of ways at Napier Intermediate to support the learning of individuals. Classroom teachers and the SENCo work with TA’s to develop a programme of support for individuals and groups within classes.

Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour also work with TA’s and teachers to develop additional support programmes for individual students. Applications to RTLB are done through the SENCo.

Numeracy Support

Numeracy is run four times a week during numeracy time. TA’s work within the classes to provide extra support for the learning programme and to allow the teacher to have more time with those students who have the greatest need. Twice a week there is a support math group that targets high levels of need for a small group of students.

NIS has MST groups for 2018 taught by Liz Greene. This is specifically designed to accelerate the progress of students and bring them to the expected level of achievement for their year level.

Literacy Support

Students are evaluated to identify their exact literacy needs. A literacy programme is put together to address the needs of each student.

Most of the programmes are within the classroom, as part of the classroom programme. These are supported either by a teacher aide within the classroom or a peer tutor. Some programmes require the students work one on one with a teacher aide in the library or a resource room. The goal of these programmes is to accelerate progress and enable students to participate independently in classroom programmes.

The students are monitored and evaluated on a regular basis and their progress is tracked by the teacher aides and the classroom teacher.

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