Classroom Programmes

Napier Intermediate comprises of 14 classrooms broken into four Houses/syndicates: Rata, Rimu, Totara, and Puriri.


Each classroom programme is centred around the needs and interests of the children.

Each term there is a school focus. The students discuss what each focus means and how it applies to them within the class, school, and community.

Each term a ‘student voice’ survey is completed by students to provide teachers with valuable feedback and feed forward around classroom programmes and learning environments.

One to one device classrooms

As we progress in a digital world, Napier Intermediate continues to upgrade its programmes to ensure IT continues to enhance learning. All students have access to IT devices to ensure students gain experience in integrating digital learning tools into to their everyday learning.

Students are able to book and use school digital cameras, ipads and the school’s digital video cameras to enhance their learning.

Physical Education (PE)

Each syndicate is allocated two PE times a week. The syndicates are able to run their PE programme according to their classroom programme. The syndicates have available astro turf, field, and hall to teach their PE programme.

School sport is held every Wednesday afternoon with Super 6 challenges still being held on a Wednesdays.


Each student participates in an arts cycle. They are grouped across two classes, visiting an arts class once a week for 6 weeks.

  • Art – specialist Art teacher takes this programme. A variety of mediums are used to teach the fundamentals of the Art curriculum.
  • Languages other than English (LOTE) Spanish, German, French and Japanese.
  • Drama is a key part of the Arts programme.
  • Music – specialist Music teacher takes this programme.  This programme involves learning music notation, music appreciation and playing instruments.


The Options programme is designed to give students choice under four main headings: Academic, Sport, Arts, Community.

Students get to chose one option from each category to try for 6 weeks.  The philosophy behind the Options programme is to give students more choice in areas they may not have been to participate in previously.

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