Uniform Requirements

Napier Intermediate uniforms can be purchased from The Warehouse which stocks the full school uniform. Eftpos and credit cards are accepted. They have a lay-by system and offer a good deal for parents. 10% of any school uniform purchased is donated back to the school.

There is a second-hand uniform sale held in late January by the PTA.  Second-hand uniform can be purchased from the school office if stock is available.

Girls Summer:
Skirt: Plaid, as for winter, box pleat skirt.
Top: Fitted white cotton, short sleeved blouse.
Sweatshirt: Navy crew neck (non-hooded) monogrammed style.
Footwear: Black shoes either lace or strap style OR blue or black roman sandals without socks.
Socks: Long white socks without bands or stripes.
Headbands: Plain navy blue or white headbands may be worn.

Hats: A blue bucket hat is compulsory in Term 1 and Term 4

Phys.Ed: Unisex uniform.
Shirt: Sky blue cotton tee-shirt with school monogram.
Shorts: Navy blue knit shorts.
Swimwear: Proper swimming costumes must be worn. One piece bathing costumes are preferred. Bikinis and very revealing swimwear are not acceptable.

Girls Winter:
Skirt: Plaid, as for summer, box pleat skirt.
Top: White skivvy preferably, or white brushed or plain long-sleeved blouse.
Sweatshirt: Navy crew neck(non-hooded) monogrammed.
Footwear: Black leather lace or strap shoes
Socks: White knee length (no coloured bands or stripes). Navy or black pantyhose are also acceptable.

Boys Summer:
Shirts: Sky blue, short sleeved polo shirt.
Shorts: Navy blue drill.
Sweatshirt: Navy crew neck (non-hooded) monogrammed style
Footwear: Blue or black roman sandals without socks, or black leather shoes with black school socks with two blue bands.

Hats: A blue bucket hat is compulsory in Term 1 and Term 4

Boys Winter:
Shirt: Navy blue cotton long sleeved
Shorts: Navy blue serge or worsted
Sweatshirt: Navy blue crew neck (non-hooded) monogrammed style
Footwear: Black lace-up leather shoes with black school socks with 2 blue bands. 

Phys.Ed: Unisex uniform
Shirt: Sky blue monogrammed tee-shirt
Shorts: Navy blue

All Students:

Navy blue or black scarves and gloves may be worn, to and from school on cold days.

*Optional:  Navy blue polar fleece half zip jacket

School sports uniforms:

Members of school sports teams will be expected to dress themselves in a manner appropriate to the activity of their choice.

The school will help by hiring out sports uniforms for Saturday sports or for special occasions such as school exchanges.

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