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Culturally Inclusive

Napier Intermediate’s Kapa Haka group, (170 students) performed to our school last Wednesday. What an amazing performance it was.  The harmony was divine, and the group formations and actions were awesome.  The boys’ haka group displayed passion and power. Tutors Aimee Lynch, Mike Winkley and Ann Zachan were super proud of this first performance.

The kapa haka group performed at their annual Kapa Haka Festival. Again the whole group were wonderful ambassadors for our school.

Our 150 strong Pasifika group performed in September at the annual Pasifika Festival in Flaxmere.  Getting our huge group to fit on the stage was a real battle, but our performers managed the changes to their lines like true professionals.  Miss Paterson, Mrs Reay and our Pasifika tutor were really impressed with our group on and off the stage.

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